Texas Governor Greg Abbott and President Barack Obama haven’t had the best record when it comes to getting along, which is why it was more than a little bit surprising to see Abbott requesting federal relief money for several cities in Texas who had experienced major flooding earlier this week.

Abbott, who semi-threatened the president by requesting that he “come and take” the state’s guns in an ill-advised Twitter post earlier this year, has changed his tune in the wake of disaster. Abbott sent a letter to the president on Thursday requesting disaster designation to 12 counties and the federal funding that comes with such designation.

It is now up to the president whether or not he will grant disaster status to the counties and provide federal sums to help these residents recover.

As CrooksandLiars joked, Abbott may not take federal funds for medicare, but floods affect both the rich and the poor alike, so something apparently must be done.

Of course, we expect the president to not punish the residents of Texas for the sins of their governor, and federal funding is expected to roll in to those affected. We just hope that the stingy anti-Obama governor remembers this moment the next time he decides to make a stereotypical Texas threat towards the leader of our nation.

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