During a Facebook-sponsored Q and A between British citizens and British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday, a particularly vocal citizen expressed her full opinion of her elected official over the live feed.

The discussion was initially set to be a debate about whether or not the country should be a part of the European Union, but it quickly devolved into a character criticism of “Dodgy Dave.”

The woman who spoke up is named Yasmin, and she said that she supported staying in the EU for one main reason – leaving it might mean that the country could pull back on human rights legislation already in place.

“I hate the Tories. You f*cked every f*cking thing up in this country. You’ve screwed students, you’ve screwed the disabled, [the] vulnerable. I mean, seriously. I’ve heard that you want to take back the Human Rights Act as well, and I could totally believe that. I wouldn’t put that past you at all, dodgy Dave.”

Rather than take the angry criticism seriously, Cameron elected to laugh it off and replied,

“Well yes, but I don’t want to put you off.”

British voters will be able to make their voices heard officially on this issue when they vote on it, but it is refreshing to see a noted politician get torn a new one by a frustrated citizen. We could really use more of this in 2016 America.