Dedicated Donald Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes said this week that despite anything horrible Trump may say or do, Republicans must still vote for him because he might succeed in outlawing abortion.

Hughes was asked about whether or not one could be a feminist and vote for Trump when she pulled out this whopper:

“We actually are fighting for womens’ rights — the unborn womens’ rights. We are pro-life for a reason. We want all women to have the chance to live. And men as well. So yes, I consider him to be very feminist when it comes to the pro-life era.”

So let’s get this straight: Hughes wants women to vote for Trump because he might, might, be able to outlaw abortion, and those unwanted children which women will be forced to bear (unless they obtain illegal, unsafe back-alley abortions; they will) might just be women! And what is more feminist than bringing more women into the world?!

You know what, don’t answer that. These sorts of discussions are no place for actual critical thought.