In a column for Alternet, noted political commentator Robert Reich responded to the latest news concerning the Democratic primary race by encouraging Sanders supporters to cast their ballot for their candidate, despite the odds.

According to Reich, he has been asked by California Bernie supporters about whether their votes for Sanders could somehow aid Trump in the general election. Reich assures those concerned that they should not fear Trump when they cast their ballot and that they should absolutely vote their conscience.

“Bernie’s successes don’t help Trump. To the contrary, they are bringing into politics millions of young voters whose values are opposite to those of Trump’s. Bernie has received majorities from voters under age 45 (as well as from independents). He’s won even larger majorities of young people under 30 – including young women and Latinos. Many have been inspired and motivated by Bernie to become political activists – the last thing Trump and the Republicans want.”

Read the entirety of Reich’s column here.

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