Libertarian-leaning Republican Senator Rand Paul announced on Monday that he was planning to put forth legislation which, if passed, would end selective services in the military.

Paul cited the late Muhammad Ali as one inspirational figure which motivated the legislation as Ali famously refused to be drafted for the Vietnam war at the height of his career.

Paul, who is in favor of less government, said that he felt the practice of a draft was inherently wrong because it allowed those in higher income and social brackets to escape mandatory services while the poor were forced to die for a cause they might not believe in.

“One thing I liked about Muhammad Ali is that he would stand on principle even when it was unpopular. You know, the criminal justice system I say now has a racial justice disparity, selective service had a racial disparity, because a lot of rich white kids either got a deferment or went to college or got out of the draft. I’m opposed to Selective Service.”

Currently, all males in the U.S. are required to register with selective services, despite the fact that the draft hasn’t been used since the early 1970’s. If passed, the military would become volunteer-only, meaning that no man or woman would be forced to fight and die for millionaire’s causes.



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