“Fox and Friends” co-host Tucker Carlson can always be depended upon to give us the point of view that nobody really wanted to hear, which is exactly what he did on Monday when he complained about actor Matt Damon’s anti-big bank comments.

Over the weekend, Damon presided over a graduation at MIT, offering encouraging and inspiring remarks to the young adults ready to embark upon adulthood. In the midst of his comments, Damon took the opportunity to rail against big banks and the greed of the banking industry which led to the 2008 crash.

It was these comments which sent Carlson into a tailspin, reducing the statements to the mad babbling of “some pampered actor.”

Damon has been involved in much more than acting lately, serving as part of an organization committed to refining drinking water in the U.S., particularly focused on the lead-poisoning occurring in Flint, Michigan.

Carlson, no doubt, has no idea about Damon’s activism.

“They hired him because he’s, like, famous and liberal.”


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