In what was possibly his most overt prejudicial statement made yet, Donald Trump has repeatedly raised concerns in the past week about the ethnicity of the judge presiding over his Trump University case.

Trump has repeatedly stated that the judge, who is an American with Mexican heritage, is clearly too impartial and biased against Trump due to the candidate’s stance on immigration and building a wall between the U.S. and its southern neighbor.

Some have argued that Trump’s statement isn’t racist since “Mexican” isn’t a race. Those people are idiots.

Of course, Trump’s hateful reduction of people to their heritage and race doesn’t stop there as the candidate was asked what other “biases” he would like to see expunged from his case.



People who don’t like the color orange?

Basically, Trump realizes that the bullsh*t he spews on the daily is particularly offensive to the groups that view him as the most dangerous, and so he just assumes that like himself, everyone else is out to get their way regardless of what’s right and wrong.

Trump is a hateful, fearful man, and this attack on an American citizen and presiding judge is grossly inappropriate.


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