Bill O’Reilly’s lackey Jesse Watters turned his haughty gaze on the school systems in Portland, Oregon this week when he expressed outrage at the fact that the schools there were not willing to teach their students about climate denial.

Watters was enjoying his position as the #oneluckyguy on Fox News strange show “Outnumbered,” when the discussion about climate denial in classrooms came up.

Watters and the gaggle of lady pundits all rushed to condemn the idea that a scientific textbook would aknowledge a scientific consensus rather than fanning the flames of conspiracy. It seems pretty straightforward to this rational believer of climate change, but then again, conservatives are regularly compensated for their anti-science, pro-oil stances on shows like this.

“So getting out of the ice age, how did the Earth warm up after the ice age? There were no humans there with cars and factories. I mean, how did things warm up? These are questions that only I have the answer to. I should be teaching these courses. These aren’t that hard. It gets hot, it gets cold, this spring has been freezing. It’s not getting warmer, it seems like it’s getting colder. Am I wrong?”

Note: references to weather have absolutely nothing to do with climate. Weather and climate are two separate things, and talking about how warm the winter was or how cold the spring was does nothing to negate the science.

Does Watters have some oily career goals in his future? Is he expecting a nice kick-back for his dogged refusal to accept what is considered by most in the scientific community to be irrefutable evidence?


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