Florida representative Alan Grayson has made a name for himself as an anti-establishment politician who is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means standing up for what he believes is right.

Grayson has made himself such an enemy of beltway Democrats that Senate Minority leader Harry Reid has made it his sole mission to block Grayson from winning the Florida senate seat against establishment candidate Rep. Patrick Murphy.

During a recent meeting, Grayson pushed Reid to explain why he was intent on smearing the representative. Reid responded “I want you to lose,” a strong statement from a party leader.

So what is it that Grayson has done so gravely wrong to get on the ugly side of the likes of Harry Reid, Barack Obama and others?

  • Grayson consistently opposes cuts to social security, an issue of utmost importance in his state of Florida. Grayson authored a petition which gathered nearly 3 million signatures in order to oppose cuts.
  • Grayson has given the power of his Superdelegate vote over to the people, launching a website which asked citizens all over the nation to decide who he would be supporting in the Democratic primary. Grayson also spoke about the corrupt nature of the delegate system and has called for a change in the way the DNC operates.
  • Grayson has written and sponsored multiple bills which aim to cut money out of politics.
  • Grayson has consistently spoken out against the Trans Pacific Partnership, even as the president has tried to convince the public that the deal is a good one. Grayson voiced his concerns on videos posted to Facebook as well as telling his supporters that the deal is a rotten egg.

Much like Senator Bernie Sanders, Grayson is focusing more on the will of the people rather than playing the complex game of political elite strategy, which means that he makes enemies of establishment Democrats all while advocating for the wants and needs of regular folks like us.

Watch our recent interview with Rep. Grayson:

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