On Thursday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” host Meyers outlined the growing tensions between the DNC leadership and Senator Bernie Sanders, pointing to the role of corporate media in helping to structure the narrative against Sanders supporters in the Nevada convention drama over the weekend.

Meyers pointed to the new narrative from many liberal pundits which compares Sanders to Ralph Nader, though the two share some pretty stark differences that make the comparison not only false, but offensive.

“The only thing he and Ralph Nader have in common is that neither of them own an iron.”

Then, pundits referred to Sanders as a “zombie candidate,” to which Meyers also objected.

“Bernie Sanders is not a zombie candidate, although it’s fun to picture him as one. ‘The top 1 percent of the zombies are getting 99 percent of the brains!’ So Bernie Sanders is a brain-eating, Nader-esque spoiler zombie. Next, they’re going to start calling him ‘Becky with the good hair.’”


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