But who says you have to ascribe to just one trendy hashtag at a time?

During a campaign event in New Jersey on Thursday, Republican nominee Donald Trump was making his usual stump speech, attacking companies who take their businesses to other countries rather than manufacturing in the U.S., but his comments about no longer buying Oreos had a whole new context when he told rotund friend Chris Christie that he wasn’t to eat any more Oreos either.

Trump likes to make Oreo a target in his speeches, saying that Nabisco is moving their factory to Mexico meaning that all Trump-loving Americans should boycott the cookie. In this particular version of his stump, Trump said that he would no longer be eating Oreos before he turned to Christie off-camera, pointed his finger, and said,

“You’re not eating Oreos anymore.”

Trump grinned as the crowd broke out into uncomfortable laughter, clearly getting the joke that Trump may or may not have intended.

The New Jersey governor has appeared alongside Trump multiple times in the election cycle since his own campaign ended months ago. Though Christie spent much of his campaign attacking Trump and everything he stood for, the Governor quickly jumped aboard the Trump train.

Many suggest that Christie is hoping for a cushy position in the Trump administration, particularly because New Jersey residents hate their leader and want him out. This level of desperation is the only thing that could explain how Christie’s once-brash attitude turned to boot-licking submission.


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