For a candidate who has had to fight the idea that she is Wall Street’s candidate after her large speaking fees from the banking industry, Hillary Clinton is certainly reaping the rewards of corporate favoritism.

Wall Street has made it clear that out of the remaining candidates, Clinton is the safest bet for their corporate financial interests, and they are making their favor clear in cold, hard cash. In March alone, Wall Street gave $344,000 to Clinton which was more than they gave to all other candidates combined.

Wall Street might normally back a Republican candidate, but concerned by the rise of Trump, his platform is too poisonous even for them. In 2012, Mitt Romney received three times the amount of financial sector funding than did president Barack Obama. Clinton’s reversal of that trend would be impressive if it weren’t a sign of something more nefarious.

All told, the Clinton campaign has enjoyed nearly $23 million of Wall Street’s fundraising efforts. That’s a hefty chunk of change for a candidate who again and again has maintained that her political opinions cannot be bought. In fact, a full third of the money that business interests on Wall Street have raised for political campaigns have gone straight into the Clinton coffers.

Now that establishment candidates have disappeared from the Republican party, some of their top donors have jumped ship to the Clinton campaign to protect their interests and stop Trump. Backers of both Rubio and Bush have joined up with Clinton, trying to put their pennies in the most generous piggy bank.

It’s not really necessary to say as everyone is well aware, but the amount of money Bernie Sanders has accepted from Wall Street? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

As others have said, what does the financial district think giving such a massive amount of money to Clinton will buy them? If she claims that she won’t be swayed by generous donations, why would they bother?

But hey, with all of that cash a-flowing, Clinton’s ascendancy to the throne – erm, presidency  – is all but guaranteed. And Clinton says that once she is in office, she plans to put a stop to all of this excessive money in politics, and why wouldn’t we believe her?

Richard Eskow is host and managing editor of The Zero Hour, a weekly radio program produced by We Act Radio. He was the senior writer and editor for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Richard has written for a number of print and online publications, was a founding contributor to the Huffington Post, and is a longtime activist. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future.