We understand that desperate times call for desperate measures, but the amateur cool kid challenging Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his congressional spot in Wisconsin is so idiotic it’s almost too dumb for Palin.

With Speaker Ryan’s recent comments about Trump, saying that he cannot support the Republican nominee – at least not yet, Trump-devotee Sarah Palin has taken personal offense to the speaker’s hesitancy and vowed to get him kicked out of office.

In order to accomplish this goal, Palin says she fully intends to back and support Paul’s congressional opponent Paul Nehlen.

Last week, Nehlen posted this badly acted and poorly scripted campaign video in which he challenges Ryan to a congressional race, or maybe just an arm wrestling match. (Seriously, he says that).

Maybe if this partnership works out, Nehlen and Palin will run for president in some future apocalyptic election so that the pornographic film featuring an actress who bears a striking resemblance to Palin called, “Nailin’ Palin'” can take on a new, more hilarious meaning.


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