There have been multiple stories this week about the dangerous new trend of young children harming themselves and others when they get their hands on deadly firearms. The number of toddler-related gun incidents and deaths are at an alarmingly growing rate, outpacing the number from last year. In one single week in April, four young children got their hands on a loaded and unlocked guns and accidentally ended their lives.

So a local news station in Charlotte, North Carolina set up an experiment to see just what kids would do if they thought they had a real, live gun in their hands.

The experiment was relatively simple: they gathered a group of young children around 5 and 6 years of age into a room with a bunch of toys and a realistic looking BB gun pushed into the cushions of a couch. Via hidden camera, parents sat in another room observing their children, hoping that their tyke wouldn’t be the one to play with a dangerous weapon.

What happens next will sicken you.

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