A Muslim woman in Washington D.C. was sitting outside of her neighborhood Starbucks when she was attacked for her religious beliefs this week in a startling window into America’s future with a Trump presidency.

The woman who did not want her identity revealed told local news that the woman who attacked her called her “worthless Muslim trash” and said that she “needed to go back to where she came from.” The woman also said that she would be voting for Donald Trump in order to rid the nation of Muslims.

The victim was able to capture a short video clip of the verbal assault on her cellphone camera.

The victim called police, but the officer who arrived said that he could not take action over words. Shortly after he left, the Trump supporter approached the victim, pouring the contents of a bottle all over the woman.

The victim said that they liquid did not harm her, but that it had a strange smell.

The case was initially labeled an assault but is now being investigated as a possible hate crime due to the comments made by the attacker.


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