Charles Koch of the infamous Koch brothers dynasty sat down with ABC news this past week to talk about the state of the Republican party and explain why he and his brother who usually put millions into elections have held back in 2016.

During the interview, the Koch crony bemoaned the state of the Republican party, despite the fact that he and his brothers’ control over the years has shaped the party for the worse.

“I can see why [Republicans] say, ‘Well, there’s a tax break over here, we need one here.’ Well, that’s the wrong attitude. We got to get rid of all of them,” Koch said. “It’s been disappointing because it’s hard to find somebody in politics with the courage to go against what’s popular and do what they believe will help people improve their lives.”

“The only way to get the money out is get all the goodies that the government’s giving to special interests out and that’s what we’re trying to do,” he said. “We now have two-year presidential campaigns, which is all everybody talks about. It’s because we have this system of control and dependency, so everybody is dependent, including big companies, on the government to set the rules to give them an advantage.”

So everyone is dependent upon the government, and billionaires like Koch control the government, but they don’t take blame or responsibility for any of it? How convenient.


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