This week was the annual Mass Torts Made Perfect conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hosted by Levin Papantonio law firm’s Fred Levin and Mike Papantonio (yes, the same Papantonio you all know and love), the event brought together hundreds of attorneys and law firms all over the country to discuss how to better serve their communities, obtain justice, and hone their skills.

Also in attendance was an impressive progressive media presence including Farron Cousins and the entire Ring of Fire crew, Sam Seder, Thom Hartmann, Abby Martin, David Pakman, and more.

Considering that many of the cases discussed during the conference were ones focused on going after gigantic corporate entities like the tobacco industry and big pharma, the progressive journalists and broadcasters had more than enough in common with their fellow attendees.

In the coming weeks, you will no doubt see the fruits of those collaborations in Ring of Fire network shows, so if you aren’t excited yet, you should be.

On Friday, David Pakman posted this video online describing his personal experience with MTMP and the productive collaborations with other progressive media hosts.


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