Poor John Kasich has really become the Eeyore of the 2016 political race, stumbling aimlessly behind more capable and more successful candidates. While so many clamor for the failing candidate to leave the race in the face of absolute and utter impossibility, it is clear that Kasich feels he has something more to prove and to contribute.

Having only won his home state of Ohio, Kasich gets awfully defensive when reporters try to point out how little of an impact he is. But now his lack of influence has been cemented in Time Magazine’s recently released “Top 100 Most Influential People.”

In the list is every single current presidential candidate except for Kasich. And looking at some of the others that have made the cut, it’s a bit surprising that he couldn’t manage to weasel his way onto a list of 100 people.

You might begin to feel bad for Kasich until you remember that he is just as crazy as the rest of the GOP, he just hides it behind his dreary demeanor.

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