When Bill O’Reilly opens his big mouth, hatred and bigotry is bound to fall out. That’s exactly what happened this weekend when big Bill chatted with Fox analyst Kirsten Powers about the Democratic race. a

O’Reilly brought up the beloved Republican talking point of abortion, moaning that both candidates have a horribly open view on abortion.

“If you are going to say that the two Democrats running for president both favor pretty much abortion at any time, for any reason, and they hide behind the women’s health issue, but that could be a migraine headache, you know. OK, I don’t want to have the kid, my boyfriend left me, my husband left me, whatever it may be, I got a migraine, kid is going to be born next week. Let’s get-“

To her credit, Powers shot back and told O’Reilly that what he was proposing wasn’t really a thing at all and that to say it is would be a gross misrepresentation of women who seek abortions.


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