Today Republican speaker of the house Paul Ryan put rumors to rest once and for all about whether or not he would be the Republican nominee.

Ryan showed frustration and a stern demeanor as he addressed a room full of reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

“This is just amazing. It is just amazing how these things keep going. I am going to try again today to put this to bed. The answer is no, and my strong opinion is if it goes to an open convention … the delegates should pick among the people who actually ran for president this year.”

Ryan explained that his increased presence in the public eye in recent weeks was not a sign of his possible candidacy but rather just the speaker of the house doing his job.

“I am opposed to my name being put in.”

Time will tell whether or not this address truly does put the rumors to rest as many believe that Speaker Ryan might have a chance and that the Koch brothers have behind-the-scenes plans to nominate him.


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