When it comes to police officers and body cams, the debate rages on. The cops that do have them usually turn them off and when they do actually have the cameras on and capture footage, the police department often makes it nearly impossible to actually view the video feed.

That was not the case for this officer whose body camera captured footage of him successfully apprehending a knife-wielding homicide suspect without taking fatal action.

The officer said that he saw the man walking down the side of the road, so he pulled over to offer him a ride. He patted the man down before allowing him into his car and that is when the man pulled out a knife.

“Kill me. Kill me,” the man said over and over again.

The officer discharged his gun one time, shooting the man in the abdomen. This was not enough to incapacitate the aggressor, but the officer did not shoot him again. Instead, he kept his distance with his firearm drawn and ready until backup arrived and tased the man into submission.

That is when officers discovered that the man they had just apprehended was wanted for homicide in another state.

This is why body cameras are important – to both prevent excessive force and to properly acknowledge and reward expert police work.


Cop Commended After Body Cam Footage Shows Intense Standoff Be…Intense body cam footage shows how this cop handled a knife-wielding criminal

Posted by NowThis on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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