Look, Donald Trump has been treated very unfairly. The RNC is not nice to him, Ted Cruz is being mean about the whole thing where Trump insulted his wife and almost definitely planted a story that Cruz was a serial adulterer, and it’s all just very unfair. So he’s going to surprise us all by not supporting a Republican nominee that isn’t Trump, even though he signed something that said he would. This is the first sign that Donald Trump might be a liar—you’ve been warned. Sam Seder discusses this.

Sam Seder is an American comedian, writer, actor, film director, television producer-director, and progressive talk radio host. His works include the film Who's the Caboose? (1997) starring Sarah Silverman and Seder, as well as the television shows Beat Cops (2001) and Pilot Season (2004). He also appeared in Next Stop Wonderland (1998). Seder also made guest appearances on Spin City (1997), Sex and the City (2000) and America Undercover (2005).