Whoo! Hey everybody, let’s give a big round of applause to MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe” who just celebrated their highest viewership record ever. And all they had to do to achieve it was dedicate their entire show to covering Donald Trump 24/7!

Oh, of course, of course. We have to give Joe and Mika a bit more credit than that! They DID have to grovel quite a bit to get to where they are today, and talking to Trump so often can be quite a taxing task.

But in the end, their relentless coverage of Trump and their countless tantrums about how they definitely DON’T support Trump have all paid off.

After MSNBC said ‘to hell’ with progressive shows and punditry, many were biting their nails to see if the new sell-out method would take hold. But it looks like conservative Trump-worship is just the ratings boost that the formerly liberal network needed to make that beautiful Trump cash start a-rollin’. And it only cost the network’s soul and the jobs of a slew of prestigious, reliable, liberal pundits.


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