Late Monday morning, Wisconsin conservative radio host Charles Sykes made the announcement via Twitter that the Kasich campaign ordered an immediate pull of all radio campaign ads from Wisconsin markets.


With rumors swirling that candidate John Kasich is running woefully short on cash in a race he has no mathematical chance of winning, it would not be particularly surprising to see Kasich dropping out.

As recently as Sunday, Kasich said that calls for him to drop out by competitor Ted Cruz were “absurd,” but is it possible that he has had a change of heart (or maybe wallet)?

Maybe instead of dropping out, this pull of ad revenue is a sign that Kasich acknowledges that he has no chance in Wisconsin and is trying to reserve funding for more competitive markets? It would certainly line up more strongly with Kasich’s own convictions to stay in the race until the convention.

Kasich has maintained that he is the more rational alternative to Trump, even going so far as to say that he has a chance at gaining the “crossover vote” from more centrist Democrats.


UPDATE: Since publishing, the Kasich campaign has responded to these rumors saying that some, not all of wisconsin’s ad money is being pulled. Not really the reassuring message a Kasich supporter might be hoping for.


Watch our commentary on John Kasich’s campaign:

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