When Republicans are asked what they think of Hillary Clinton, the response is a resounding condemnation and criticism. She should be in prison, they say. She is a liar and is in bed with big government, they argue. The message is clear that if Clinton is POTUS, the obstruction that the Republican senate has enforced with President Obama will be extended directly, and with renewed vigor, to President Clinton.

But so what, Republicans are unreasonable and hate Democrats, right?

Not quite.

When Republicans have been asked what they think of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, they can’t help but have some good things to say about the man. Be it establishment Republicans who have worked with him for decades like John McCain or rogue grassrooters like Ted Cruz. The one thing they all agree on is that Bernie Sanders is an honest, hardworking, straightforward man.

It is this element of respect which could spell the difference between an Obama presidency, a Clinton presidency, and a Sanders presidency: Republicans have a healthy respect for one of these individuals, despite their massive difference in beliefs.

So when you hear people say, “sure, I like Bernie, but can he actually get any of that stuff DONE?” you can say, “yeah, actually, maybe he can.”


Republicans Don’t Agree With Bernie Sanders, But They Know He’…Bernie Sanders is the opposite of a conservative Republican, but the GOP still admires his honesty

Posted by NowThis Election on Friday, March 25, 2016

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