When Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on Tuesday that he would be making a speech on Wednesday, many wondered whether he would be endorsing a candidate or putting forward his own name for the presidency.

Spokespeople for Speaker Ryan have denied these ideas and said that instead, Ryan will be discussing the state of American politics as a whole.

Some of those who watch Speaker Ryan today are doing so in hopes that he will condemn Donald Trump or draw some other harsh criticism towards his party, while others are hoping that Ryan will put official support behind Trump either explicitly or implicitly. This could be a turning point for the future of the Republican party.


Update: Ryan kept it as civil and as non-condemning as he possible. When pressed to indicate who he felt bears the most responsibility for the civility in politics he was calling for, he refused to name names. Ryan refused to accept the responsibility of his party and claimed that the issue with civility in politics is an issue in both parties, not just his own.

Ryan’s speech will no doubt have as much effectiveness as the one that Mitt Romney gave weeks ago, I.E. none.

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