Donald Trump may not be able to make Sarah Palin a Supreme Court Justice (at least not yet) but at least the failed governor of Alaska will get to preside over a fake courtroom on television.

ABC has announced on Tuesday that they will be shooting a pilot episode an unnamed Judge Judy-style court show with Palin presiding.

This is of course not Palin’s first time on television as she has already been the star of one reality show centered around her family in Alaska. Palin also served for a short time on Fox News as a political correspondent before they realized she was too stupid – even for them.

Why anyone would trust Palin of all people to make some sort of judgement on others’ lives is insanity. Maybe the court will center entirely around animal issues? badger v. wombat or something like that?

Of course Palin’s buddy Trump can’t be too far behind on this idea as he is the king of reality TV with his 9000 seasons of “The Apprentice.” Palin can only hope that people will positively receive her pilot episode debut and that the ABC executives don’t quickly tell her, “You’re fired!”

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