After presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on “Fox and Friends” that he would not be attending next week’s debate due to a scheduling conflict, Fox News has canceled the debate altogether.

Clearly the network knows where their bread is buttered and likely expects viewership to drop dramatically without the media darling Trump in attendance.

Trump made an appearance on the Fox morning show on Wednesday morning to celebrate his Tuesday victories and to tell the network that he would be absent from the freshly scheduled debate.

Saying that he was not told about the debate, and that he had a prior engagement, Trump told “Fox and Friends” that would be forgoing the debate in Utah to make a “very major speech” elsewhere.

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John Kasich later said that if Trump does not attend, neither will he. Ted Cruz made no such promise, instead urging his supporters to demand that Trump attend the debate.

It was not until both candidates had made clear their intentions that Fox News called off the debate suddenly.

Clearly, when Trump has had enough he will get his way. It doesn’t matter that there is still half of a primary left to run, Trump feels he has it in the bag and corporate media is content to further his narrative.

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