On “Morning Joe,” or the “All-Trump-Hour” as they prefer to be called, Donald Trump told his adoring fans that he is listening to the best in the business for foreign policy advice – Donald Trump.

Yep, on any given day you can find the Donald sitting on his private plane and talking to a hand-held mirror, saying “you are the best on foreign policy.” “No, YOU are, silly!”

It appears that Ben Carson was right when he said that there are two Donald Trumps – and they are quite the political duo!

Despite the fact that Trump has never held any political office before, and despite the fact that foreign relations are particularly tenuous and difficult, Trump has said that he is relying on himself most of all because, as he puts it, he has a “very good brain.”

In addition to having a “good brain,” Trump says that he is qualified to give himself advice on foreign policy because he has “said a lot of things.”

I give up. This guy is winning just about everywhere. Idiocracy is complete.