It turns out that it isn’t just his supporters at rallies who are pledging loyalty to Donald Trump – it has just been revealed that those who volunteer for the Trump campaign must sign a loyalty pledge which forbids them from criticizing Trump in any way for the rest of their lives.

Legal experts say that the clause forbidding negative comments would likely not hold up in court. Nevertheless, Trump makes each and every volunteer for his campaign pledge not to criticize Trump, his family, his businesses, or his campaign indefinitely.

Shockingly, it is not just volunteers who are required to keep their criticism silent as the contract also requires that volunteers not allow their employees to speak ill of Trump. Though how the volunteers are supposed to infringe upon their employees’ first amendment rights is a mystery not outlined in the pledge.

In addition to the restrictive contract forbidding criticism, volunteers are also forced to sign an agreement saying that they will not become a part of any other candidate’s race in any year that Trump is running a campaign. This could theoretically extend to future campaigns if, God forbid, Trump were to win in 2016 and run for reelection in 2020. This also extends to the volunteer’s employees.

Whether or not any of this is actually enforceable is up for discussion, but the simple fact that Trump is clearly so terrified to let out the secret of what being a Trump 2016 campaign volunteer is like is troubling. What sort of things might be going on in that campaign that we aren’t aware of because of threatening paperwork like this?


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