Ronnie Mitchell, Sheriff’s attorney in North Carolina told reporter Gilbert Baez that while they were looking at the case of the man who assaulted a black protester in Fayettville during a rally for Donald Trump last Wednesday, officers also examined Trump’s speech with a “fine-toothed comb.”

“During their analysis of that speech, there were several instances where Trump made comments that incited the folks to continue the violent acts during the rally here in Fayettville. So they are considering whether to charge Donald Trump for the violence . . . they have not decided that they will, but they are considering that right now.”

Several people have indicated that Trump’s violent rhetoric is directly responsible for the violent actions taken at his rallies, but this is the first official mention of legal matters occurring as a result of that violent talk.

We can only hope that North Carolina police go through with this investigation so that Trump may see some consequences for his reckless speech.


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