All those who were devoted to Carson because of his advocacy for calm politics and his strong Christian faith should be throwing their Carson books into the trash as the failed candidate has forsaken every bit of his platform to suckle at the teat of Donald Trump.

During an interview on NBC News, Carson defended Trump and those who have acted violently against protesters at his rallies. Carson took part in Trump’s fanning of the flames by encouraging Trump supporters to “fight back” against what he called a violation of their first amendment rights.

“There is a real possibility of escalation, because those who are the victim of them have two choices, they can submit and do whatever those protesters want them to do, or they can fight back. And if they decide to fight back, there could be an escalation.”

Maybe now Trump will give Carson a scratch behind the ears for being such a good pup.

Sydney Robinson is a political writer for the Ring of Fire Network. She has also appeared in political news videos for Ring of Fire. Sydney has a degree in English Literature from the University of West Florida, and has an active interest in politics, social justice, and environmental issues. She would love to hear from you on Twitter @SydneyMkay or via email at