Since taking office in January of 2013, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has made a name for herself with her fiery takedowns of big banks and the regulators who failed to keep those big banks in check. For example, back in 2013 she asked a panel of bank regulators whether or not ‘too big to fail’ has become ‘too big for trial.’ Comments like that have made many Wall Street enemies for the senator, but that is certainly a sign that she’s on the right track.

America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, discusses this with Richard Eskow, senior fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future and host of The Zero Hour.

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Richard Eskow is host and managing editor of The Zero Hour, a weekly radio program produced by We Act Radio. He was the senior writer and editor for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Richard has written for a number of print and online publications, was a founding contributor to the Huffington Post, and is a longtime activist. He is also a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future.