This has certainly been a bad week for anyone who still believed that MSNBC had a “liberal bias.” First, the network cut off Senator Bernie Sanders when airing a speech where he talked about the TPP. Then, host Melissa Harris Perry announces that she may not return to her show due to a lack of editorial control. Finally, the network announces that they’ll be hiring disgraced Ted Cruz staffer Rick Tyler.

But before you collapse from shock, you need to understand that this was entirely predictable. The network has been systematically removing any and all rational voices who aren’t willing to be corporate cheerleaders – Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Ronan Farrow, and now Harris Perry.

Once Comcast took over, the network became one of the loudest mouthpieces for pro-corporate propaganda, including supporting the TPP (for which Comcast had been lobbying for several years, and executives from Comcast were actually meeting with President Obama during the drafting of the deal to make sure they got all of their requests granted in the trade pact.)

Pap and I recently discussed some of the disgusting changes taking place at MSNBC:


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