Democratic Florida congressman Alan Grayson has been bestowed with the elusive and mysterious honor of being one of Florida’s Superdelegates, a delegate which is free to vote for whichever candidate they would like, regardless of the popular vote.

But unlike most other Superdelegates, Grayson has pledged to give his super vote to whichever candidate the people choose in an online poll he posted on “The choice is literally yours,” the page says next to a form which asks for an email, first name, zip code, and the choice between Hillary, Bernie, or Undecided. Grayson also asks for voters to tell him why they are supporting the candidate they chose.

Grayson said that his decision to accept his role as a Superdelegate was not an easy one and that he personally had some issues with these sovereign beings helping to select a candidate and the president. Florida is a key voting state so Grayson’s vote could end up having a significant impact in the overall race.

“All I’m saying is I want to let the people decide. I think that the way to win this election is to choose the candidate that has the support of the people, that, by its definition is the most electable candidate.”

“The point of this is very simple: the point is power to the people,”

Superdelegates have drawn some scrutiny recently as voters realized that though Bernie Sanders gained a vast majority of the popular vote in the New Hampshire primary, he and Hillary remained tied in the state with delegates once one added in the Superdelegates that were already pledged to the former Secretary of State.

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