The cat-fight between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has been intensifying leading up to the South Carolina primary on Saturday, with Trump once again ominously threatening to bring a suit against Cruz questioning his citizenship and ability to be elected for president.

Trump has declared more than once that he is threatening to sue Cruz simply because Cruz would dare to make negative attack ads against Trump. Y’know, the thing Trump does every time he opens his mouth?

This time, Trump referred to Cruz as “Teddy.”

The Cruz campaign has issued a swift reply which says that not only will they not be pulling the ad Trump is complaining about but will instead be airing it with greater frequency. Burn.

And on Trump’s threats to sue over Cruz’s citizenship, Cruz is resolute:

“File the lawsuit. That lawsuit will be frivolous and it will result in Donald Trump and any lawyer that signs his name to the pleadings being sanctioned in court.”

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