Donald Trump seems to have adopted a new campaign strategy that is a whole lot less cursing and “No more Muslims” rhetoric and whole lot more of Democratic talking-points.

The GOP, having been terrified of Trump from the start, has now been struck dumb by Trump’s attacks on George Bush and the Iraq war. Of course everyone (even right-wingers) know that little Bush threw us in a war for no reason, but you can’t just go around SAYING it!

We’d better keep an eye on Trump as he shifts his campaign and positions around to better combat Democrats and appear more middle-of-the-road. Some may fall for Trump’s hopping around, but we cannot forget the hatred and divisiveness that is the foundation of his campaign.

Trump Keeps Attacking George W. Bush For 9/11 And The War In IraqDonald J. Trump is confusing Republicans even more by attacking George W. Bush

Posted by NowThis Election on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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