An unnamed woman is speaking out about the horrible conditions in Flint, Michigan, and she is not just talking about dirty water; she gives a laundry list of complaints against the city and state as she lists ailments that she personally has experienced due to the toxic water.

The woman was interviewed by a group of men from Washington D.C. who are in Flint handing out bottled water to citizens. Her well-spoken and calm portrayal of the tragic situation is infuriating.

She talks about the massive water bills that she and many others are facing for water that they cannot use. According to this woman, the state has threatened in the past to place a lien or condemn a non-paying home, as well as taking children away from homes that don’t have access to the water. And that is just the beginning.

If you have been wondering what the full experience of being a Flint resident is like, please listen to this woman’s experiences.

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