Saturday’s Republican Debate featured the GOP’s favorite topic of abortion, with candidates in a race to the bottom to demand more and more strict violations on women’s bodies.

Apparently one mention of abortion wasn’t enough for Marco Rubio as he talked about the topic again on Sunday, saying that he personally believes that women who become pregnant as a result of rape should make the difficult decision to carry the child to term.

Rubio stipulated that if an abortion law were put before him which allowed abortion in this case, but restricted it in other cases, he would sign the law. Clearly, though, Rubio’s ultimate goal is to steal away any sense of control from a female rape victim.

What could be more horrifying that one’s government telling a woman who has been raped that she should carry to term the violent product of her deepest violation? No doubt, many Republicans share this idea, but it is a slap in the face to victims of violence.

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