White supremacists are fired up about supporting their beloved candidate Donald Trump, so impassioned in fact, that they are campaigning for him and leaving “whites only” messages on people’s voicemails.

This is not the first time that we have reported on a white supremacist robocall, but this time, CNN was able to get an interview with one of the disembodied voices on the recorded message.

“They can call me all the names they like, but what I’m saying is natural, normal, and healthy.”

Jarod Taylor, a white supremacist with an unnerving speaking voice, says that while Trump may not directly support his racist ideals, Trump is the best candidate (so far!) for him. Taylor believes that white people should live separately from other races, and that Muslims should leave the country entirely. He cites the fact that devout Muslims prefer to pray multiple times a day as one unforgivable transgression by the religion.

Trump may publicly denounce these supporters, but it is only through the divisive rhetoric of his campaign that they support him at all.

New Hampshire voters may be stunned to hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; it’s from white nationalists with a simple, disturbing message. http://cnn.it/1SR1kRu”We don’t need Muslims. We need smart, educated, white people,” according to the male voice on the calls, which urge voters in New Hampshire to vote for Donald J. Trump.Three white nationalist leaders have banded together to form their own super PAC in support of Trump, even though Trump doesn’t want their support.

Posted by CNN Politics on Friday, February 5, 2016

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