We all knew it would happen eventually- Donald Trump has finally taken to his Twitter account in a massive hissy fit. Trump began to use his Twitter account to cry foul about the Iowa Caucus results on Wednesday morning, accusing Cruz of fraud and stealing votes.

For 15 hours after the results came rolling in, those who feverishly checked Trump’s always-active Twitter feed found radio silence. Unusual. Yesterday afternoon, a still-humble Trump broke his silence, proclaiming that his second place finishing was “nice.”

But when Wednesday morning rolled around, Trump made a strong shift, getting rid of his “nice guy” persona in favor of his usual “terrible person” persona. The candidate began firing off Tweet after Tweet, calling for a new Iowa caucus and accusing Cruz of stealing votes from Carson (and by proxy, from himself).

rs trump freakout

Clearly, Trump is noticing that the political focus of the nation’s media had shifted away from him for a day or so, and he is just not okay with seeing his face plastered on every newsstand and website.

There is some legitimate criticism to be found from Cruz staffers telling voters that Carson appeared to be dropping out, but Carson did strangely announced he would be immediately returning to Florida to get new clothes in the middle of the Caucus. The rest of it is just pointless whining from a man who is mad he didn’t think of Cruz’s campaign tactics earlier.


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