If you listen to Fox News long enough, you can expect to hear some pretty off-color comments. This is especially true when you listen to “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade who is especially adept at placing his foot ever so gently into his own mouth.

During a discussion about Iowa ahead of the Iowa Caucus on Monday, Kilmeade noted that he had never been to Iowa, but was headed there for the primary event. Co-host Steve Doocy jokingly told Kilmeade that he needed to try the famous Iowan “loose meat sandwich.” Kilmeade apparently had no idea what a loose meat sandwich is (By the way, its a sloppy joe without the slop. Or maybe without the joe. Either way, its loose hamburger meat). Kilmeade responded

“I like my meat tight – not loose. Tighten up my meat!”

Uh what?

Now, surely by now these “friends” are used to buffoon Kilmeade saying outlandish things, but this time they seemed content to let him languish in his misspeak.

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