C-8 is a cancer-causing chemical that DuPont and a handful of other corporations used to make non-stick, stain/fire proof, “high performance” products such as Teflon. It has been proven that C-8 causes deadly and debilitating human diseases like testicular cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid disease, and ulcerative colitis.

C-8 lasts so long in the environment that any duration provided by experts on biodegradation is a mere guess, and even then, their very best guess says that the half-life of C-8 is a million years.Why does C-8 last so long once it is discarded into the environment? Because it’s a man-made chemical that does not bind to other natural occurring chemicals and it moves in, and is transported by water very easily. The chemical bonds that hold C-8 together are nearly impossible to break, unless heated to VERY high temperatures. It’s tough and rugged. What made it a good surfactant for DuPont is what makes it so very dangerous to humans and animals; it simply will not break down.

Ring of Fire’s Sam Seder discusses this with attorney Tim O’Brien.