It has been over three weeks since the so-called militia took up residency in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, threatening to die for their cause for a couple of men who refused their support. Since then, what we called terrorism has now devolved into a sad spectacle of failed federal governmental action and a listless occupation by cowboy-hatted idiots who traveled from all over to make a stand and demand an overthrow of the government.

Now, there are major concerns by local Native American groups that the Bundy militia may pose a significant risk to artifacts both in and around the refuge. Last week, the thugs posted a video under the guise of concern for the local Native American group. One spokesman asked that a representative from the Paiute tribe come to the refuge in order to discuss how the band of not-archaeologists might best work to “preserve” the artifacts they claim are being stored improperly.

The Paiute tribe is already closely involved with the refuge and have worked to preserve artifacts in the past. When the local government wanted to install a waterline for the refuge, they worked closely with the tribe in order to prevent damaging any sacred lands or important historical landmarks.

Alternatively, the Bundy crew has driven over the land which belongs to the tribe, creating boundaries and breaking down established fences with no regard for what important elements they mow down. This is just another misguided attempt to garner support and to represent a group that did not ask for representation.


Posted by Bundy Ranch on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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