For tonight’s Green Report we start out in Switzerland – where at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos the head of Saudi Arabia’s state oil company said that his country will be able to weather the storm of plummeting oil prices – which had reached their lowest point since 2003 before today’s uptick. But even if the Saudis are able to overcome declining oil prices – humanity may not be able to overcome its addiction to a Big Oil itself. That addiction – which shapes every single aspect of our economy – is the biggest reason for our inability to deal with runaway global warming. And as is the case with all addictions – chickens could soon be coming home to roost – with devastating consequences for everyone and everything on this planet. With me now for more on this is J.P. Sottile – Freelance Journalist with News Vandal documentary filmmaker – and author of the new piece – Mother Nature’s Invisible Hand Strikes Back Against the Carbon Economy.

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