Mike Huckabee is enraged that even though he tries and tries, the trophy for “Best God-Fearing Candidate” always goes to some other belle of the ball.  This round, the evangelical vote is split, between tea partyer Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin-supported Donald Trump who recently proved his religious devotion by citing the “Two Corinthians” at a religious university.

Huckabee feels abandoned by the religious right, so the only thing he can try to do is justify their abandonment by assuming that he is TOO religious for them; If he gets into office and actually fixes all of those problems that the religious Republicans care about, there will be nothing left to complain about; there will be no more reason to raise money at local churches, digging into the pockets of the religiously poor.

“As I’ve often said, ‘I don’t go to them, I come from them,’ but because of that I do understand them. And a lot of them, quite frankly, I think they’re scared to death that if a guy like me got elected, I would actually do what I said I would do, and that is I would focus on the personhood of every individual, we would abolish abortion based on the Fifth and 14th Amendment, we would ignore the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision. And you know what the result would be?

A lot of these organizations wouldn’t have the ability to do urgent fundraising because if we slay the dragon, what dragon do they continue to fight? And so, for many of them, it could be a real detriment to their organization’s abilities to gin up their supporters and raise the contributions, and I know that sounds cynical but, Todd, it is what it is.”

You almost begin to feel bad for Huckabee, being so abandoned by his cultish group of evangelicals, but then you remember that he thinks Obama is a Muslim, thinks we should treat the poor like untrained dogs, supports the child-molesting Duggars, and supports Kim Davis.

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