When Barry Bennet left his position as campaign manager to the Carson campaign on New Year’s Eve, he blamed his departure on a deep divide in strategy between official staffers and the unofficial puppet-master Armstrong Williams. Bennet said that Williams worked to undermine every valuable contribution that official Carson staffers made, killing momentum in the campaign over and over again.

After Bennet left, he condemned the campaign to languish and die. He told reporters that before he left, he had advised Carson to throw in the towel and offer his endorsement to Donald Trump.

The remaining Carson staffers responded to Bennet’s comments by arguing that he was fishing for a position in the Trump campaign, which Bennet denied.

In that statement, if in no others, Bennet lied. On Friday, he announced that he had accepted a position in Trump’s campaign on an “informal” basis. Bennet maintains that he isn’t being paid by the Trump campaign.

Bennet is clearly loyal to no one besides the polls. He sees Carson floundering having lost all of the momentum he had in 2015. Who can blame a blood-sucker like him for latching onto the fattest cat?

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