After his capture in Puerta Vallarto, Mexico, it seemed that the infamous “affluenza” teen would finally have to own up to his actions and pay the price, but Ethan Couch proved he isn’t done trying to dodge the law and find an easy way out.

Prosecutors are fighting to try the eighteen year old in adult court, and have the support of 43,000 signatures collected by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but the juvenile court judge deferred a ruling on the motion to transfer the case to adult court when Couch’s attorney whined that his parents were not sufficiently notified about the proceedings in a timely manner.

The delay poses a problem for the prosecution, which must begin the process of transferring Couch to adult probation before his 19th birthday in April and cannot finish the process until he returns from Mexico.

Couch’s attorney claims there’s progressing being made on his transfer back to the U.S. but we predict Couch is more than happy to stick around until after his birthday, once again avoiding the full weight of the punishment he deserves.

Couch’s attorney has also insinuated that the son might have been taken against his will by his mother Tonya Couch, once again attempting to paint spoiled rich kid as a victim rather than a criminal.

“We are examining the facts … to determine whether he was taken voluntarily or involuntarily to Mexico,” he said.

Couch is still trying to manipulate the judicial system and dodge any possible punishment, but it’s time for the “affluenza” teen to stop hiding behind excuses and do the time he deserved in the first place.