With citizens and local government in Flint, Michigan in crisis over their poisoned drinking water supply, Michigan Governer Rick Snyder is struggling to clean up the colossal mess he made and has activated the Michigan National Guard to help distribute lead test kits, filters, and bottled water.

The disastrous effect of cost cutting measures, the emergency can’t be dealt with by the guard alone. Snyder was granted support from FEMA, who selected Rafael Lemaitre as a disaster recovery coordinator, and received to go-ahead to work with other federal agencies on a recovery plan.

Thirty guard members will arrive in Flint by Friday, freeing up Red Cross volunteers to deliver water door to door. Volunteers and police officers said they hope to reach between 500 and 600 of the 30,000 homes each day.

In the meantime, the citizens of Flint are left parched and struggling to understand why their money crazed Governor is yet to be locked up for the massive human rights violations his greed and incompetence have caused.