We’ve heard a lot from HRC on gun control recently, and the presidential hopeful recently knocked Bernie Sanders regarding his stance on the topic. However, what many haven’t heard, or can’t remember, is that this Democrat was once a self-proclaimed pro-gun churchgoer.

Lately, Clinton has been tapping into the emotional aspect of mass shootings and pushing her progressive views on this hot-button issue in an attempt to overshadow her comparatively conservative attitudes toward topics like Iraq, the TPP, and Keystone XL.

Fans of Clinton’s 2016 views on gun control certainly wouldn’t have looked so favorably on her in 2008. The same woman who now champions progressive legislation to help distinguish herself against Sanders talked in length about her experience growing up in a devout churchgoing family and learning to shoot and hunt as a young girl during a 2008 interview with CNN. Clinton referred to the ammosexual culture as a “way of life” for many and “a matter of constitutional rights.”

Further evidence of her ever-changing stance can be cited back to a 2008 debate with Obama where HRC blatantly disagrees with blanket legislation in regards to the state of New York, claiming that what worked in New York City wouldn’t adequately protect the rights of sport shooters and recreational hunters upstate.

Such a flip might not have raised as many red flags if conveniently-timed changes in opinion weren’t becoming a pattern in the Clinton campaign. Up against a candidate like Sanders who has stuck to his guns on guns since before day one, Hillary might want to rethink her critiques.